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Dancing & Singing SATURDAYS

Now, you can join ONLINE dancing & singing courses by Arjen Brusk.

All you need is your body, your voice and a little space at home that you can move.

Dancing & singing on traditional Kurdish dances and songs which are world’s cultural heritage.

Online Kurdish Dances Govend Course starts on December 12th. The lessons that will continue to be held on the same day and time every week will be held online via the Zoom application.

Online courses start: 12/12/20 Saturday. And all following SATURDAYS

-Istanbul Time: 5pm (17:00)

-Central European Time(CET) : 3pm

-South AmericaTime 11am

Zoom online

Please send e-mail to govendistanbul@gmail.com to get Zoom links and join.

Participant Fee: 40€ / 50$ for 4 weeks.

Lessons will continue in four-week periods.

About Govend Kurdish Dances

In Kurdish, the word dance comes to life with the names govend, dilan, bazdan, lîstin, semah, reqs, helperke. Govend, which means “to sing and dance” in Kurdish, compiled with researches and studies by Arjen Brusk, is the general name of all Kurdish dances. The Kurdish community has a rich dance culture, which dances profusely at weddings, various festivals, feasts, harvest times and other unique occasions. Although Kurdish dances vary from region to region, there are also common dances that all Kurds can perform. In its natural development, every Kurd learns the dances of his region and nearby regions by growing up in his natural area and culture. Dances are usually performed together with drums, bendir, darbuka, mey, kaval, clarinet, kemençe, zurna, erbane (def) and some other instruments, and there are also dances performed by singing songs with boys and girls without using any instruments. Kurdish dances are group dances that are mainly based on dancing together, however, in some dances, situations where the person at the head of the dance is solo and improvised is frequently encountered. In terms of speed, most Kurdish dances are of medium tempo; But in some regions, it is possible to encounter some fast-paced dances. Likewise, there are also slow tempo dances. In terms of body use, the body is used as a whole, including feet, knees and arms, in Kurdish dances.

Kurdish Dances Govend Course

Our Govend Kurdish Dances course is held once a week. As part of the course prepared and initiated by Arjen Brusk, a colorful repertoire selected from a wide geography is taught with a new, original and qualified dance education. Classes start from the beginner level, and continue to work on the same day and time every week, in monthly cycles. In the course, the basic steps of Kurdish dances and the distinctive dance of the Kurds are taught. More generally, dances born and developed in Mesopotamia, Anatolia and the North Middle East are taught with various arrangements on the basis of “the way they are made by the people”. In addition to general dance education, special arrangements in dances, basic repertoire training, characteristic analysis-technique-analysis and solo improvisation in dances are included in the lessons. A student who will complete 8 months of education will come to a level where they can dance to almost all govend music, provided that they show an average student performance.

The studies consist of govend lessons with a special and rich repertoire consisting of common dance steps, covering all Kurdish dances, with a basic dance technique training program. Participants of the course start from the beginner level and receive basic dance training with govend culture at the center. After basic training, he reaches a level where he can dance anywhere. Then, mid-advanced level studies continue.

In the lessons; Kurdish dances and govends that emerged and rooted in Mesopotamia, Anatolia and a large part of the Middle East geography; In addition to the works carried out with special regulations on the basis of “living in public”; basic repertoire training, characteristic analysis-technical analysis studies of govends and solo improvisation exercises in dance.

In addition, lectures, collections of Kurdish music and researches are carried out with music from archive records, as well as music composed by dahol, bendir-erbane, daf, guest dengbêj and sometimes singing together.

Arjen Brusk

Dancer, musician, instructor, choreographer, presenter, performance artist.

Arjen, who is a graduate of Istanbul Technical University Conservatory Traditional Dances Department, has been actively working as a dancer, musician, instructor, choreographer, presenter and performance artist both at home and abroad since he entered the university in 2004. He worked in the academy and various art groups in training, production and performance studies on ballet, contemporary dance, traditional dances, world dances and music, body percussion, movement, sound, rhythm, body, choreography and staging. He worked with Sultans of the Dance – Fire of Anatolia, Troy Dance Production, East’s Gates Production, Boğaziçi Performing Arts Group – Kardeş Türküler, Destar Thearte – Şermola Performance, Görmeyeri Theater, Bi’takım Actors Theater, Ara & Şamiram Dance Project, KeKeÇa Body Percussion Group, International Body Music Festival, Festival Carioca De Danca Circular Sagrada, Comunidade Dedo Verde. He made choreographies and music of various national and international theater and dance productions in homeland and abroad, and presented one-person performances. He received the Original Theater Music Award with Destar Theater – Şermola Performance’s theater play Serencama Qijikan.

With the Govend Istanbul project he established in Istanbul, he started the Kurdish Dances Govend Course, Dance Nights and Concerts. These works extended from Europe to America and many parts of the world and created a new influence in the dance-music environment. He has conducted and presented intercultural dance-music concerts by bringing together various dance-music disciplines. He carried govend culture and Kurdish dances to many parts of the world with his one-man performances, concerts and courses. In his concerts, where maqams, usuls, velveles and govends come together with western music and world dances, Arjen handles the interactive improvised dance night based on traditional dances in a fairy-tale and musical tone, telling us stories with a contemporary musical language. It offers a live dance music night concert where East and West, traditional and contemporary and different cultures come together. Arjen also continues its various and new projects with national and international communities.


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